Dj Submission Details

What are the dj submissions and aired mixes all about?

Planetfrequency Radio has a featured segment at the beginning of the weekly show for established, new, and upcoming dj's to promote their mixes and their dj info. The segment is: "Spotlight Dj's" and Planetfrequency Radio aires these mixes by dj's that requested their mixes to be included for exposure on the weekly Show: "Xceptional Mixes". All "Spotlight Dj's" will be first at the start of the show during the "Spotlight Dj's" segment then, the current show will continue after.

If you would like to get your own profile page and mix(s) aired on the weekly show, just follow the steps below. All aired mixes and submitted posting are FREE. Just promote your mix and profile to others here at Planetfrequency Radio is all that we ask.

Send All of The Info Below Through Contact Form:

  1. Send PFR a link to your mix(s) for review and download if you would like your mix to be included in the weekly show. All mixes need to closely fit the Planetfrequency Radio Station Format (send link and all info through Station (Contact Form)
  2. Bio: Your Dj story about you and how you got started, etc.
  3. Your Style or Genre of your Mixes, (example: House, Tech-House)
  4. Your favorite dj image of yourself at least 500x500 size or larger. (Link to image or PFR will contact for image)
  5. Provide any "Follow Me" URL Links, example: Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, Instagram, Youtube, Apple Music, etc. These will also be on your dj page and will link to your sites mentioned.
  6. Links to your Mixes in MP3, (must be at least 192kbps) for download to PFR if you would like your mixes played on the weekly Show. (all downloaded mixes to PFR are for air play only. (You can have a dj page with or without mixes sent to PFR, your choice)

Go to Contact Form to submit your Dj info